4 Vegetables to Boost Your Energy This Autumn

4 Vegetables to Boost Your Energy This Autumn

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Autumn brings many changes in the kitchen. When you try to give up evergreen supermarket - grown food, you need to adapt each season to new tastes. With few tomatoes remaining and with cucumbers and zucchini almost gone, you need to start looking somewhere else for something tasty to put in your plate. 

Luckily, autumn vegetables are rich in vitamins of all sorts, while having a less calories. 

4 Vegetables to Boost Your Energy This Autumn


The child inside may not like it, but you need to give broccoli a chance this year. 

It's really good and you can adapt it for a wide range of recipes, from pasta, to soups, to complex dinner recipes. I often use broccoli for cream soups and salted tarts. 

It's green, I know. But is full of vitamins and minerals, so it's a must when you're on a diet. Basically, you find just about anything in this vegetable. Just think about the fact that one portion of broccoli delivers more vitamin C than an orange.

4 Vegetables to Boost Your Energy This Autumn


It's one of the most tasty vegetables I've ever eaten. Fennel has few calories and is full of fiber and minerals. It's also a good source of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins A, B6 and C. 

I like it both raw - in salads - and  cooked - in soups or made in the oven. Also, fennel tea is among my favorites.

4 Vegetables to Boost Your Energy This Autumn


I grew up with pumpkins in the garden, but the only meals I used to do were the pie and the baked pumpkin. Meanwhile, I learned to use it more often in the kitchen, in cream soups, rice, vegetable stew and pasta. 

Pumpkin flowers are also edible. I cooked them several times in the oven, stuffed with cheese, or with pasta sauce. I was reluctant when I first got a gloves of flowers, but it's a culinary experience that's worth trying at least once.

And with the Halloween so close, you have another reason to experiment in the kitchen. Beware of ornamental pumpkins that are not edible. Here comes, as far as I understand, gourds and any pumpkin with a very rough or rough shell. Generally, a good pumpkin has a pleasant smell, and the pulp is orange, easy to cut. 

4 Vegetables to Boost Your Energy This Autumn
I've read that kale was fashionable in the past years - you know the trend of "superfoods". But it's not just about being cool. This leaf has all the vitamins and minerals you need to be ready for winter. Plus, it's tasty and easy to cook. 
You can make anything you can think about, from sandwiches and pizza, to quiches. There's no limit. 

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  • Kale


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